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My mum told to me a marvelous fairy tale that I was brought to her by a dolphin when I asked her How was born. And since then all my life is the same fine fairy tale.

All in my destiny isn't casual. I was born in small southern town at the most dark blue sea. Already since the early childhood I inhaled its aroma mixed up with a gentle smell of blossoming cherry gardens. What this fine show! Happened, you go in the beginning of April along the street, and it is all in snow – there are pinkish petals of cherry inflorescences, flying, fall on the earth, warmed by the southern sun. Sometimes it was a pity, when the yard keeper has swept away them in garbage heaps.

From the early childhood my roads were long. I needed to go so far to kindergarten at first, then – in school. In a kindergarten mum carried me on a sledge when white snow flies flied behind a window, and the way seemed me short. And to the school I had gone by footpaths covered with wild flowers, tulips, a lilac – pleasure. All ways were far, but not long and such wonderful! On each road I learn new, I meet new people, all wasn't casual.

Hardly the longest way of my childhood and a youth was my road to music school. Sometimes it was necessary to drag literally on itself a huge guitar. I went, because knew: soon music will lead me to true of my calling. And it happens, but not in a small city, and in huge St.-Petersburg where the road couldn't be mastered. But it seemed to me that I went indeed – on roads, paths, footpaths, potholes from Odessa to the Northern Capital. Competitions, the Olympic Games, victories, meetings, universities, life and teacher lessons – all met on this piece of my way. Here, where during ten years of my life I didn't see blossoming cherries (probably, this is the ability of the childhood – to notice beautiful and fine in usual and ordinary), I have found the true calling – to sing, tell everybody by music language about different stories, getting used to depth of soul into the images of others.

Blossoming gardens in my small city became the white nights in Petersburg, became majestic palaces and bridges of the Great City. I have grown, and ways became longer. Now I overcome ten thousand kilometers so as to after loud ending of a concert, by low voice with all my heart to wish to other opened and hot hearts – pleasures, love and happiness.